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Meet your new Best Friend

At Cavalia, we believe that some bonds are created and from there come the most magical moments and partnerships between the riders and their horses.

We have a few more horses looking for exclusive or part-ownership, so discover their profiles below and get ready to meet the 4-legged love of your life! 🙂


Club Horses


Magnificent buckskin gelding, dean of the stable – the best riding and vaulting horse – extraordinary kindness, boxed and ridden. The ideal horse to regain confidence or start.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Dazzling Mufty

Beautiful bay gelding, big and carrying – very nice in boxing and ridden. Great riding horse. Dressage: beginner and confirmed. Show jumping: great potential for jumping for experienced riders.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Summer Sanctuary

Elegant chestnut gelding, player in the stable – excellent dressage horse (St Georges level), a little capricious at show jumping. Very endearing horse.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Adorable gray gelding, extremely gentle in his stable and ridden. Very complete horse – vaulting, dressage and show jumping – he will do everything he can to please you.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Magnificent gray gelding – great potential in dressage and jumping. Cuddly in his stable, hardworking and comfortable.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Very elegant black gelding of medium size. Great potential for dressage and show jumping. Great pace. Nice horse, and great for all riding levels.

Silent Screen

Beautiful bay gelding, ideal for advanced work in dressage. More delicate at show jumping, but is warm and very respectful. Ideal for experienced rider. Has won many events.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Big bay gelding, powerful and graceful. Very high potential for dressage, jumping and vaulting. Very cuddly in his stable. Exceptional horse, for all levels.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Tall dark bay gelding: slender, very chic, experienced hands – great dressage and jumping potential. He is also an excellent trail riding horse. Extremely nice in his stable.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Shiny Boy

Little gray gelding, very cute, very endearing. Ideal for beginner dressage or jumping. Very brave. Excellent trail riding horse.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Duke of Winter

Pretty little chestnut gelding, very cuddly, very handy on both dressage and jumping. Suitable for all levels. Easy on trails.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Very elegant little gray gelding, excellent dressage and jumping horse for experienced riders.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Marcus Antonus

Big brown bay gelding, very energetic. Great in dressage and jumping.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Just A Friend

Huge brown bay gelding (KWPN imported from Holland for Lambert Leclézio), adorable and versatile: dressage, vaulting, driving, riding, jumping. Ideal for beginner levels.

Looking for a mom or dad.

Silver boy

A very nice gray gelding with a lot of potential. Looking for a confirmed rider.

Looking for a mom or dad.

“Owned” Horses


Owner: Stéphanie Jauffret / Club

Gray gelding, very chic, great dressage potential. Very good jumping horse also for small categories.

Son of Legend

Owner: Paul-France Jauffret

Very big and very elegant burnt chestnut gelding. Slender and airy, efficient in both dressage and jumping.

Indigo Blue

Owner: Ninja Ricaud

Big bay gelding, very chic, very powerful. Dressage champ. Very promising jumping debut.


Part-owner: Romy Courtessy

Dark bay gelding, slender and airy. Very nice gaits, great dressage and jumping potential. Looking for co-owner.

Golden Dream

Owner: Lou Maingard

Gorgeous chestnut gelding, very promising over jumps. Works well in dressage.


Part-owner: Tana Meek

Magnificent chestnut gelding (4 white socks), shy and endearing. Big obstacle and dressage potential. Looking for co-owner.

Black Beauty

Part-owner: Sophie Guého

Magnificent large dappled brown bay, very young, adorable in the box and ridden. Super comfortable, very elegant in dressage, very promising debut in jumping. Looking for co-owner.

Memphis Mafia

Owner: Lou Maingard

A lovely brown bay gelding. Excellent mind, excellent paces. Will rise to prominence as a great champion (dressage & obstacle).

Club Ponies


Gray gelding (horse size), very nice, very buoyant. Versatile in dressage, jumping, vaulting, trails: ideal for all levels.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Beautiful buckskin mare, energetic, very buoyant. Versatile dressage, jumping, vaulting and trail. Ideal for all levels (children, teenagers, adults).

Looking for a mom or dad.


Elegant little black gelding, very endearing. Nice in the stable, energetic for children and teenagers experienced in dressage or jumping.

Looking for a mom or dad.


Beautiful brown bay pony (4 white socks). Very flexible, very comfortable. Ideal for children and teenagers who are beginners in dressage, jumping or on trails.

Looking a godfather or godmother.


Very cute bay piebald gelding. Nice and great at dressage, obstacle, horse-ball and trail rides. Very good competition pony for children and teenagers.

Looking a godfather or godmother.


Pretty gray pony, shy and kind. Very patient with children – dressage, obstacles, trails.

Looking a godfather or godmother.


Endearing bay pony, beautiful paces, big obstacle potential. Very versatile. Very convenient. Ideal for beginners or experienced children.

Looking a godfather or godmother.


Chestnut gelding, very calm, very nice in the stable and ridden. Hyper versatile – dressage, jumping, trails, hitch and horse-ball.

Looking a godfather or godmother.



Very talented Appaloosa pony, very endearing. Versatile – dressage, jumping, pony games, riding, driving and horse-ball.

Looking a godfather or godmother.


Very cute and nice appaloosa pony, great for dressage, pony games and rides. Jumps a little. Ideal for beginners.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.


Pretty black piebald pony, calm and patient. Very buoyant, ideal for dressage, pony games and driving.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.


The pony of the princesses. Very small and very white, with her long mane – calm and affectionate. Very versatile: dressage, pony games and walks. She is the star of birthday parties.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.


Papaye’s sister, also nice, calmer, very docile with the little ones. Loves beginners: dressage, pony games and trails.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.

Ti piment

Pretty gray pony who is very wise and very affectionate. Ideal for all levels of children: dressage, pony games and trail rides.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.


Wolf-grey gelding, very endearing, very lively – champion of pony games. Good in dressage and jumping as well. Handy on the go. Ideal for confirmed children.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.

Ti Coco

Tiny black gelding – makes our little heroes happy. Very nice, he is as versatile as his colleagues: dressage, pony games and trails.

Looking for a godfather or godmother.

Our Mascots


Very pretty miniature roan mare, very playful and obstinate. Knows many tricks as well. Likes children, but less patient than his companion.

Have you found the one?

We believe in love at first sight!
Get in touch and we’ll arrange a “date” with your favourite horse.

What do I need to know?

What are the different pension packages?

The pensions at Cavalia (full, 1/2, 1/3) are always ALL-INCLUSIVE, which means that we take care of your horse, whether you are there or not. The horse is taken care of – bedding, food 3 times a day, daily grass supplement, work (market, lunged, ridden according to your wishes).

What does "ownership" entail?

That you undertake to sponsor your horse/pony financially for an unlimited period (the contract can be terminated with 2 months’ notice). The transition to another horse/pony is possible without notice.

The owner, according to his package, can ride his horse every day (full board), 3 times a week (1/2 board), 2 times a week (1/3 board). The rider has no obligation to ride.

What do I benefit from as an owner?

Depending on the formula, there are 4, 2, or 1 additional lessons offered per month. Owners benefit from preferred packages as follows:
⁃ 2 lessons per week: Rs 3,900
⁃ 3 lessons per week: Rs 5,600
⁃ Full-board: Rs 500 per lesson

The owner rider benefits from free lessons in addition to their packages.

How much does it cost?

Horses and double-ponies

Full ownership Rs 25,300
1/2 ownership Rs 14,300
1/3 ownership Rs 10,200



Sponsorship Rs 5,500
What is excluded?

Shoeing and care (provided by Cavalia or the veterinarian) are invoiced in addition to the pension.